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New Behaviour Policy info

We have started working from a new behaviour policy.  This gives more opportunities for children to be recognised for always making good choices, aiming high and working hard.  We have also started a clear set of sanctions where we will be expecting children to take more responsibility for their own behaviour and giving them time to think about how to put things right if they have gone wrong.


The powerpoint explains the key aspects and is what children have seen in assembly.  The full policy can be found either in statutory information or under the Key Information tab in the policies section.


If your child has to take some time out in another room because they have made some poor choices, you will get a letter home in order that you can discuss it with your child.  When home and school work closely, it ensures better outcomes and positive relationships.


This is the next stage on our journey to ensure all of our children achieve well and enjoy their learning.  Positive attitudes to learning will build resilience, help them deal with challenge and feel safe to take risks in their learning.  

Behaviour Assembly Powerpoint

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