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Pick and Drop off guidance June 2023

Dear Parents/Carers

The Sherard Leadership team and the Mowbray Education Trust Safeguarding Lead have recently reviewed the drop off and pick up guidance.

Therefore, with Safeguarding and Sherard’s duty of care, driving these changes, the following will be introduced as of week beginning 19th June. This will allow a little time for parents to organise things differently, should they need to. If you require any clarification, then please feel free to contact me [email protected]

Thank you for your continued support and I am sure that you can appreciate the need for this guidance.

  • Only Year 5 and 6 pupils will be allowed to walk to school/home from school without adult supervision.
  • Year 5 and 6 pupils will not be allowed to drop off/collect younger siblings from Year R-Year 4.
  • Year R to Year 4 pupils MUST be supervised at drop off until the door is opened at 8.35am. Please do not drop them and leave before this time as they would be unsupervised and could potentially leave the school site. This is worrying from a safeguarding situation.
  • Please do not drop Year R-Year 4 children off at the gate between 8.35am-8.55am and then leave. You must accompany your children to their classroom doors unless we have agreed a different arrangement with you.
  • If you arrive after this., please come to the school office with your child as they will need to be signed in by their parent. This applies to all pupils.
  • If children play on the equipment in the morning before school, parents/other adults dropping off, MUST supervise. At the end of the day, the equipment should not be used and families are encouraged to leave the school grounds promptly.

Kind regards

Helena Blumfield


June 2023