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At Sherard Primary School we share the vision and values of the Trust as a whole.



Everything we do is focussed around ensuring that our young people get the very best support and opportunities we can give them.  They deserve nothing less, it's what we're here to do.

We make 6 promises;

  • The education of the children in our Trust will always be our priority
  • Through our high expectations of the children we serve we are investing in the future of our community
  • We want the children that come to our nurseries and schools to work hard, show resilience and enjoy their time with us
  • We will recruit and retain the best quality staff to ensure our children get the very best education possible
  • We will be transparent in everything we do
  • All children are important, we will always challenge them to be their best and no child will be left behind.

Mowbray Education Trust Vision and Values

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Reading and Phonics Information

Please view the information below on how to apply for a place for your child at Sherard Primary School. All mainstream admissions to Sherard Primary school are processed by Leicestershire County Council Admissions Department. Please find a link to their website below.


Objections to and referrals about determined school admission arrangements


You can make an objection to the Office of the Schools Adjudicator (OSA) if you think that the Primary School admissions arrangements of Mowbray Education Trust do not comply with the ‘School Admissions Code’ or other legislation relating to school admissions. Certain exceptions apply as set out in paragraph 3.3 of the Code.

Deadline for objections

All admissions authorities must determine their admission arrangements by 28 February every year, even if they have not changed from previous years and a consultation has not been required. You have until 15 May to contact the adjudicator if you have an objection.

If you wish to make an objection complete the ‘school admission arrangements objection form’.

Admission arrangements can also be referred to the adjudicator who may decide to consider whether or not they comply with admissions law and the Code and make a determination.

Further information can be found by clicking on the following link:

By clicking the above link you will find the following information 


  • Leicestershire County Council's guide for parents on school admissions,
  • Admission forms and how to apply online   


For admissions to our Seahorse provision please follow the link below as these are organised by Leicestershire County Council.

For further information please contact the school

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